Mental Hospital

Vibrating MatsBe Independent was assigned with equipping such a room in one of Malta’s mental hospitals. This room has been installed with wall mats and floor mats which help protect the clients using it. The floor and wall mats together with the ceiling kit are cream in colour which enhances a relaxing atmosphere as well as giving the impression of a larger room.

Various equipment has been installed, including vibrating mats, aroma sound spa, H2O lightning, solar optic projector, sound chaos, mirror ball, bubble column, unbreakable mirrors and false ceiling.

Bean Mirror MatsDue to the sensitivity of the clients using this room, the equipment has been hung high so as to avoid any contact with the patients. Once the lights and aroma scents are on, the room is immediately transformed into a relaxing room compete with different scents, nature music and vibrating mats. The latest inclusion of the fuzzy warm friends completes the room to provide an unforgettable relaxing experience for the users.