Hoist and Sling

Liko HygieneVest

HygieneVest is a unique sling that is specially designed to be safe and secure for lifting patients with poor muscle ton...
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Liko Lift Pants

Liko Lift Pants facilitate safe, secure standing and gait training, giving patients the confidence to take new steps. L...
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Liko MasterVest

MasterVest makes it easier to lift a person who can support their weight in a standing position. MasterVest is an excel...
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Liko Original Highback Sling

Liko Original Highback Sling allows a semi-reclining sitting position with support for the head and is therefore suitabl...
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Liko Original Sling

Original Sling has a semi-high back that allows the patient to keep one or both arms outside the sling. Original Sling...
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