Hoist and Sling

Bath and Shower Sling

For lifts to the bath and shower, there are several models in durable, non-absorbent plastic-coated net fabric that feel...
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Liko Amputee Sling

Liko Amputee is specially created to provide full security, even when lifting people with high double-sided amputations....
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Liko Comfort Sling

Comfort Sling enables an upright sitting posture with support for the entire back. Comfort Sling is applied and removed...
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Liko Comfort Sling High Back

Liko Comfort Sling High Back enables a semi-reclining sitting position with comfortable support for the head. Comfort S...
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Liko Hygiene Sling

Hygiene sling is a simple, easy to use sling that facilitates dressing and undressing when transferring patients to and...
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